The new beginning…

Crickhowell Joinery WebsiteHello lovely people,

Well it’s been a very busy week at Jessica Draws! I’ve been printing and packaging cards from dawn till dusk to deliver them to Saswa in Morgan’s Arcade, Cardiff City Centre. They’ve been delivered and are on sale. YAY! But more about that next week…

Anyhoo…over the last few months we’ve been working with Crickhowell Joinery, Powys to revamp they’re branding and website. It’s been a long few months with lots of options presented and rejigged and re-presented. Some options I’ve shown here and unfortunately I think I prefer some of these to what was eventually chosen and ultimately ended up on the website. However, sometimes a client can’t be swayed and you have to compromise 🙂 All in all I think it’s turned out well and we’ve ended up with a gorgeous website that answers the clients expectations and was a solution to their problem. (Problem being a really old pants website)

Since Crickhowell Joinery‘s old website was launched in 2000, they have done some fantastic work in and around Wales but they weren’t showcasing the work anywhere for anyone to see. The new website has been built around showing the work off to it’s full potential. Something which they weren’t focusing on before. Although obviously content is important, we wanted visitors to the site to first be transfixed by beautiful imagery which would then hopefully urge them to read more about this wonderful organisation that prides itself on using traditional joinery methods by extremely talented Welsh craftsmen.

We are very pleased to have launched this website this week and extra pleased to have had some lovely feedback from Crickhowell Joinery‘s bosses. It has been a pleasure and have enjoyed every minute of it. But, it’s not over yet! Hoorah! I’ll also be producing some promotional material for the company so keep a look out and please check the website out and have a read about who they are and what they do. It’s a wonderful craft and I’m extremely honoured to be able to promote Welsh craftsmanship in Wales to the world.



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