An Unexpected Visit…

Hello again lovely people,

It’s Monday again and surprise surprise, the sun is out! Where had it been hiding all weekend!? Anyway, as you may or may not be aware, for the last few months I’ve began adding my illustrations to cards and printing and packaging them by hand. Most of them are on sale here in my Etsy shop. I’ve been working tirelessly over the last few weeks and have been roaming around Cardiff City Centre in the hopes that someone would like to stock them in their shops.This is one tip I’ll share with anyone hoping the same thing, just go in and ask! It’s the best way because people like to buy from people and if they can see your face and better still, like you, then your halfway there!

One lucky day, I was strolling through the Royal Arcade in Cardiff City Centre and came across an adorable little shop called Saswa. It’s an “established jewellery store in the centre of Cardiff, with a reputation for selling beautifully unusual jewellery and gifts from around the world”. In the window was a sign saying that they’d love to hear from anyone who makes they’re own handmade jewellery. Being nosy sort of person and with a little prod from my very supportive boyfriend Dave I went in and asked if they would be interested in stocking some of my cards. I had a very enthusiastic response, especially at the thought of stocking some Welsh language cards.

The wonderfully friendly store owner was kind enough to let me come back in a few days with a selections that he could choose from. I had a bit of work to do as I didn’t have that many Welsh cards but I enjoyed every minute of the jam packed week of designing, printing and packaging some new designs.

The following week, Saswa chose 25 different designs to stock  much to my excitement and gratitude. The cards are now on sale and it’s such a thrilling feeling to see my own creations in a real life shop! EEEK! I just hope that they do well enough and Saswa order some more 🙂 Fingers crossed.

Pop down and have a gander if you’re near by, or check them out in my Etsy  shop.

Here’s some pics anyway that I thought I’d share.

Bye for now,



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