Pins Wonderful Pins…

Here it is again, my weekly post sharing my favourite pins with you from the week just gone. I hope you enjoy them! I’ve linked them all up so just click on the image to find out where it came from. On another note, I think I’ll have to practice more self control as I want to buy everything I see on Pinterest, eeek!

I love these The Whimsical clocks of Roger Wood. They’re so unusual and remind me of something you’d find in Professor Potts’ garage in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

This gorgeous chair is right up there on my I Want list! It’s an amazing Baroque skull chair by Scott Campbell . I want I want I want!!


I love this photograph. Stunningly beautiful. It makes me want to read a pirate fantasy novel!

Well I don’t have a garden or a library but I have a book corner with a beanbag and a few potted plants. Will that do? I really like the colour and type used, really cheerful and I’d love to put it on my wall 🙂

GENIUS! Love this idea!

This made me giggle. Super birds illustration by Huw Barrett

Packaging always gets me! I’ll buy anything if the packaging appeals and this is beautiful!

This is a brilliant idea. A quirky addition to any dinner party!


This made me go all warm and fuzzy inside and I think I’m going to have to design a card based on this. It’s sooo lovely!

Thought this was a really cool piece of design. I love it when people turn ordinary, boring objects into something interesting and funny!

That’s all for this week folks! Have a great weekend! 🙂


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