A Pin to Rule Them All…

Hellooo everyone!

I hope everyone’s bank holiday was tremendously tremendous and I’m sure you all happy to be back into the swing of things? No? Oh dear. Well, at least it was a four day working week this week for most so that’s nice. It’s that time again where I choose my favourite pins of the week from a little place called Pinterest. I’m really loving the inspiration I’m getting from the site and I just don’t know how I’d do without it now!

This week however, I’ve been so blown away by some particular works of art that I’ve decided to focus on a few around the same theme and share it with you. They were really special and really made an impression on me. I hope you have a similar reaction.  Let’s start with my most favourite from this week…

Routing around the internet brought me upon a wonderful artist named Corey Godbey, he has illustrated picture books, book covers, and other projects for clients such as HarperCollins, Random House, Marvel, and The Jim Henson Co. If you’re listening Corey…I LOVE YOUR WORK! I’ve always been a huge fan of fantasy literature, science fiction, weird and wonderful stories such as Alice & Wonderland and The Hobbit and anything to do with fairy tales and legends, anything which is so far removed from real life that anything is possible! I love Corey’s work because it takes me somewhere deep inside my imagination where princesses, trolls, fairies, unicorns, wizards, witches all exist and where woods are magical places and trees are alive and listening.

I hope you enjoy what you’re about to see & please leave a comment and like if you do 🙂


Corey can also be found on twitter @corygodbey .Go forth and worship and let your imagination wander and be free! Corey also has an Etsy shop where his most recent personal sketchbook project is on sale, it’s called The Hidden People and it’s here. You can also see a video tour of the work, every spread of the book here. It’s such a beautiful collection of illustrations and I just purchased it myself! I suggest you go and take a look too…

Farewell until next time…


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