Pinage of the Week..

Happy Friday everyone!

Well it’s that time of the week again where I share my most favouritist pins. Last week I concentrated on artist Corey Godbey so this week we’re back to general pins of all subjects, shapes and sizes that I found interesting.

So here goes…I hope you enjoy my choices and please leave a comments at the end, I always love to hear feedback!

This gorgeous bit of typography really stood out for me! Not only is it romantic and thoughtful I love the vintage feel. It’s been extremely well thought out and the way all the letters fit together so beautifully really makes me smile (nerdy type woman).

This next one is a really lovely illustration of two robots in love. It’s so lovely it makes me ‘awwww’ a lot! It’s funny, I love how much warmth and loveliness can be conjured from apparently soulless machines. It’s lush!

By now, and definitely if you’ve seen some of my work on Etsy, that I love line drawings and especially love finished illustrations that still have that hand drawn look and feel. I think it gives so much more character to a piece of work, and you can almost imagine someone at work drawing it. I think it’s beautiful!

As I said, I love it when things are hand drawn, here’s another example of some beautiful hand drawn typography that is completely appropriate to the word itself. It’s gorgeous! It makes me want to go and read Lord of The Rings immediately!

Something a little different next, a stunning app icon by Michael Flarup which I discovered on Dribble. It’s just so captivating. Working as a designer in the app industry I see hundreds of app icons every week and if I’m honest, loads are rubbish! It’s also one of the hardest parts of my job to be honest, designing an icon that is a specific size, shape and has to be completely different to hundreds or others and stand out is almost an impossible task. I’m not sure whether I have succeeded. This is just phenomenal, I’ll definitely be taking inspiration from this. The texture, light and colour all combine to create something that screams at you! I love it!

This is so simple but so effective. I love the handwritten style and the message in general. Take note everyone, apply to yourself what you apply to your typography! haha! Love it! This next framed print is from Kristiina & Sami from finnish illustration and design studio polkka jam. I love the colours and the cheeky little owls poking out of the darkness! I love how combining so many simple shapes can turn into something lovely.

It’s got such a lovely colour palette that doesn’t necessarily represent a woodland feel but it goes to show how you can add something different by changing colour themes. I can totally see this hanging in my kitchen. Although if I buy anymore prints I’ll have to move to a house with more walls! It’s getting a little crowded 🙂

This next one is just something that I’ve always wanted to be able to wear but obviously not unless I get invited to masquerade ball! (anyone hosting one? no? *sad face*)
I love the decadence and I’ve always had a thing about them since my mother started collecting them when I was young.

And finally, these vintage pin up images are just gorgeous. I was searching around for inspiration because I’m about to embark on a new project with a cruising company which involves creating something similar. I can’t tell you anymore at the moment but I’m very excited!

That’s it for this week! Keep a look out for my next blog which will be full of fun and frolics. Tomorrow I’m taking part in a charity Zumbathon in aid of the British Heart Foundation. It’s going to be 3 full hours of Zumba with live music and lots of exciting things in between! I will also have a card stall there where I will be donating profits to charity.

Anyhoo, must go and limber up..wish me luck!!


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