Gimme a Shimmy!!

Hello everyone!

Well it’s been an eventful weekend to say the least, not to mention the most energetic and exhausting for a while! Let me fill you in on the splendifirous goings on..

For a number of weeks now, I’ve been attending Zumba classes. My friend Jo dragged me along but I was skeptical about how much exercise I was actually going to get dancing about. I was also slightly uncomfortable at the thought of people witnessing my non-existent rhythm and two left feet. However, after one, yes ONE session I was completely hooked! (As well as hurting!) Not only is it TONS of fun but it definitely did the job, every muscle was aching the next day and it proved to be an excellent way to exercise! The best bit is, you don’t even realise you’re exercising! This however, is largely down to the wonderful instructor Samar Cabeceo-Wafa who is so full of energy and enthusiasm it can’t help but be transferred down the hall to the rest of us! It’s more like a party than a workout. I’m utterly unsurprised that so many Zumbers (now my new term for Zumba obsessed people) religiously follow Samar to classes around Cardiff. She has definitely got a very loyal following, myself being one of them. 🙂

For those who are already intrigued, you can find out where Samar’s classes are held and where by joining the facebook group here or visit the website They’re all such a lovely bunch you’ll be right at home.

Anyhoo, a few months ago Samar announced a Zumbathon was to be held to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. It was to involve all of us (if we were brave enough) to Zumba our hearts out for 3 hours for as much sponsorship dosh as we could possibly manage. It was a challenge and the response was awesome and the classes were buzzing with enthusiasm! Last Saturday (21st April) just past was the event itself and WOW it did not disappoint!

Held at Llanedeyrn High School in Cardiff, a host of 150 Zumbers piled in all fueled and ready to dance their little hearts out! It was a heart warming sight! A few of us decided that it wasn’t enough to just dance like loons but we wanted to look as ridiculous as possible while doing it! Myself and Jo Williams went for an 80’s theme…thinking back maybe all that wig-age and warmers wasn’t the most sensible seeing as we were going to get very hot! Brilliant fun all the same!

The surprises didn’t stop there! We we’re lucky enough to witness some beatboxing from Beatbox Major along with TomConmanConnors doing some awesome basketball tricks! Also, a brilliant young dance troupe called the XD Crew! We were all thoroughly entertained and it definitely distracted me from my aching limbs! Last but certainly not least, Winston Ellis joined us!! Of Pirates of the Carribean & The Dark Night fame it certainly added a bit of stardom to the day! He even joined in our warm down routine which was hilarious! As well as being there to talk about his Project Postcode innovative educational film project, he was a brilliant sport! As the pictures go to prove…haha

There was lots of other things going on too behind the scenes. There was a cake and food stall which was donating it’s profits to the charity, Samar was also selling Zumbawear and didn’t that go down a treat! Such lovely stuff! I also participated but selling some of my handmade cards. In between all the dancing I sold a few and met some lovely people while doing so! Hello everyone! *waves*. For anyone who missed taking a gander at the stall,  you can find everything that was at the Zumbathon HERE. Also, feel free to get in contact if you’d like any personalised versions or any other kinds of stationary and I’d be glad to help!

Lastly, I’d like to again give a mahoosive shout out to Samar who organised tirelessly for this event to be a success and it definitely was! She is definitely an inspiration and I just don’t know where she gets her energy from! I’m sure all the Zumbers will join me in a massive round of applause! And a huge BRAVO! to everyone who actually did that much exercise in one day, I hope you all enjoyed you takeaways afterwards 😉

Here’s some more photos! Until next time…. Gimme a Shimmy!



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