Goosey Goosey Gander

Happy May everyone!

Well sort of, it’s miserable outside and I’ve had to put away my flip flops entirely to early for my liking! They only saw the outdoors once so far this year! Yuck! Anyway, just wanted to share some gorgeous snaps with you…

Yesterday the sky  paused it’s chuck down marathon long enough for me to go and visit my mother & my sister just outside of Cardiff. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that they just can’t stop collecting animals and it’s turning into a bit of  farm up there! Haha! So far there’s 5 horses, 3 dogs, 2 guineau pigs, chickens, 2 cockrels, 3 Carp & a Goose called Sid! (No idea why they named him Sid). But yesterday I was greeted my a lovely fluffy sight of some new additions to the family, some baby gosling! SOOO CUTE and extremely fluffy! I’ve haven’t seen my  mum so happy since she got her pink wheelbarrow!

Hope you enjoy the photos… I’ll let you know when the next addition arrives 🙂

And one of the doggies Bella & Poppy otherwise they feel left out….the other one Ruby wouldn’t keep still.

See you next time!


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