Pinterest Interest

Hello everyone!

It’s that time again where I share with you my favourite pins from my scout around the wonderful world of Pinterest through the week! OOooo I can hear your excited cries! haha! I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to leave a comment at the end!

I love this piece, not only for the very profound message but for the stunning typography and paper effect background. This is right up my street! I’d love to get this framed and hang it in my house 🙂

This gorgeous little illustration I founds on the illustration365 blog. It’s written by Kelly Canby who has taken up the ‘Make Something 365′ challenge and decided to create 365 illustrations in 365 days. It’s a beautiful blog to read and the illustrations are simply lovely. I’d definitely head on over there for a gander.

I’ve never really been one to experiment with different textures but I love looking at illustrators work who do. I thought this one was particularly love and such a simple idea but really effective.

I’ve always been massively into logo design. I love the process of finding out the essence of the organisation and their ethos and designing something that completely communicates that beautifully.

I thought this was a lovely example. This is the identity for Anjou Bakery in America. It’s such a lovely logo, I think it conjures up images of rolling corn fields with fruit trees on a sunny day. It’s lush! However I really don’t think they’ve made the most of it on their website, they should have designed the website with the essence of this logo in mind. It gets lots in all the photography which although it is lovely, this logo needs a much more prominent place.

This next pin is more like a screw really! ha! This is a really cool kind of art from Andrew Myers. He uses common screws, up to 10.000 of them at a time to create these amazingly beautiful three dimensional portraits.

I thought these were truly wonderful and I really enjoyed scrolling

throu the images to see how it was all made!

His hands must’ve really been aching after all that!

This cute little chap is from a freelance illustrator based in Southhampton called Liza Lewis. She gets most of her inspiration from her family, animals, toys and such like. She was recently feature on the Print Pattern blog too!

Check that out here. I really like her illustrations, they’re cheerful and I love the texture she adds to the shapes!

That’s it for this week chums but I’ll be back early next week hopefully with some weekend snaps, hopefully I’ll have an adventure! I hope you do to, Happy weekend!



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