Pin Pals

Hi everyone!

It’s pinage time!! That means it’s time to share with you some awesome stuff I’ve found on Pinterest. I do so love that site, it’s serves as a great source of inspiration and even on occasion, helps me empty my bank account! Haha! I can’t resist sometimes, there are some awesome things out there! So anyway…here goes..

These wonderful drawings are from a freelance illustrator called Jody who is based in Dallas. She specialises in “intricate pen and ink drawings, often intertwined with my love of Anatomy, flora, Biology, and underwater creatures (among other things). In a world overcome by all that is digital, I find solace in the lost art of traditional methods of creating.”

I was drawn to her work because I feel very much the same. If you’ve seen any of my work, you’ll notice I love using traditional methods such as pen and ink and sometimes watercolours. Although I am a digital designer, I try and stay a traditional illustrator. These amazing drawings from Jody really remind me of the talent that some people are lucky enough to possess and the detail is just phenomenal! I love it! She must have a very steady hand!

Dana Tanamachi is a custom chalk letterer who lives in Brooklyn, New York. She has been commissioned by many huge brands and you cansee why. Her work is amazing! Please head over and visit her site for loads more examples! They’re awesome to look at!

This gorgeous little ray of sunshine is from illustrator Lindsay Hopkins from Georgia, United States. This 8×10 print feature in her Etsy shop.

I love her work, it’s so cheerful and bright and this is definitely my favourite!

This handsome fella also caught my eye from illustrator Joe Fenton. Again, it’s the kind of art I love, hand drawn wonderfulness! I think I could sit there for hours and watch Joe draw! Maybe one day I’ll have the chance 🙂

Also really love the tactile typography work by designer/artist Dominique Falla. It such a pleasure to look at. It makes you want to touch it. Wonderful stuff!

And finally…it had to be said. This week came the very sad news of the death of amazing illustrator Maurice Sendak. Most famous for writing and illustrating the wonderful children’s story: Where the Wild Things Are. So, in memory, I thought I’d finish with some images to remind us why we loved his work so much. toodles, until next time…


2 thoughts on “Pin Pals

  1. Wonderful blog, will definitely check a couple of the artists out. Dominique Falla is a teacher of mine, teaching marketing in the Graphic Design Diploma she is an awesome teacher as well as Graphic Designer

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