Inspiration on a Sunny Afternoon

WOW! This weather is amazing! For those of you who don’t know, I’m in Cardiff, Wales and it rains quite a lot. This week as been phenomenal for weather and I am LOVING it! So, unfortunately the usual Friday inspiration post is slightly late as I was out enjoying this very rare weather!

Here’s another line up of awesome stuff I’ve come across on my travels through the web this week. Read this, enjoy and then get out there and enjoy the outdoors! I command it!

I’m a big fan of all things Disney, especially the classics and there’s a lot of wonderful artwork around the theme of the princesses out these. This caught my eye this week. I found it on Pinterest and linked it back to Indulgy. Not entirely sure who the artist is though which is a shame. Lovely stuff!

Love this depiction of Black Widow and Hawkeye from The Avengers. I’m a massive fan or Marvel films and there’s lots of fan art around based on the characters, including my own.

Unfortunately, I have no idea who it belongs to 😦 I found it on Pinterest. I’d love to know and see if there are more around the theme. Love it!

The next lot are some gorgeous greetings card designs from Gorjuss Art Ltd, founded by artist Suzanne Woolcott. She says ” Abandonment features heavily, the sense of loss and longing. And of being alone in the world. ” I adore these designs, they’re beautiful and yet quite dark. I love the soft brush feel of the artwork on these cards, it’s beautiful. I came across these in the same shop my own cards are stocked in in Cardiff City Center but they’re stocked in various places all over the country!

This next lot of images is along a similar theme I think. Artist Kathie Olivas and her most recent works titles ‘Misery Children‘ caught my eye. Party for the wonderful artistry and skill of the paintings but the strangeness of them. I like a bit of strange. Olivas says “Misery Children” series focuses on the constant social desire to assign “cuteness.” This often serves as a means to make something innocent and more appealing, therefore, non-threatening.”  Please go and read her rationale of the pieces here if you’re interested, I think it’s a really intriguing subject. The result.. weird! But I just can’t look away!

Next is a self taught artist I found on Etsy. Tarren Pearson is from Anderson, California and she makes a lot of jewellery that she sells through her Etsy shop. I’m not really a jewellery fanatic but these drawing’s caught my eye. Especially the feather! I’d love to have it has a tattoo somewhere! Gorgeous!

Next are some wonderful illustrations from artist Sveta Dorosheva from Israel, whom I found on Behance. Although I can’t find much of a bio about this artist, I absolutely adore the illustrations. Again; magic, fairy tales, myths, legends, witches, monsters always intrigue me and these are no exception! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

That’s all for this week folks! Hope you enjoyed! See you next time… 🙂


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