Jubilee Doodle…

Hello everyone…

Well the sun has disappeared in my neck of the woods but it’s okay because this weekend is going to be filled with joyous jubilee jubilation! Woohoo! There’s lots going on around the Cardiff area, here’s a list courtesy of @VisitCardiff . Unfortunately though, I’ll be away all weekend in..oops (I can’t tell you in case the Bride-to-be reads this, it’s a secret) Haha! Anyway, not unfortunate actually, I’m heading out for a joyous weekend of fun and quite possibly carnage with some wonderful girls! 🙂 Excited!

Anyway, I’m not missing out, I have Jubilee concert on record and I’ve done a little doodle to celebrate the occasion.. enjoy and have a great weekend everyone!

(psst…Sun! It would be great if you could come back out for the weekend! Pretty please)

Also while I’m here… don’t forget you can still enter into my giveaway to win a framed junior avengers print and set of 6 exclusive greetings cards! Take a look here and see how to enter! Good luck!


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