Inspiration Gallery: The old, the new(ish) and the classic

Hi everyone…

So Jubilee weekend is over and it’s back to normal. This weeks been as busy as ever and I’m still working on a children’s book idea in between other things. Hopefully I’ll have something to show you all soon. Also if anyone has an advice of what to do when I’ve finished it I’d be glad to hear any as this is all new to me.

Anyhoo, here’s some lovely stuff I’ve come across from scouting about this week. I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment at the end if you’d be so kind 🙂

This first pic is AWESOME! It’s a Mixtape Table designed by Jeff Skerka. I would love to own this.. brilliant idea and look at the craftmanship that’s gone in to it! Phenomenal! Go here to see more images…

Next up is the work of a friend of mine, we used to work together  a few years ago and her work has just flourished. It’s truly wonderful and so current. She is known as Rozzi Bunny and I hope you love her stuff too. I especially love her illustration based on the ever popular Game of Thrones! You can also find her blog here and also her facebook here.

Next up is a bit of a tribute to Disney. I have quite a collection of Disney films but I’m missing a couple and one of them is 101 Dalmatians made in 1961. I was thinking about how I need to own it and was trying to remember why I loved it some much and the answer was easy. The first part of the film is just beautiful, the illustration is totally what I love and more than that, the comparisons of the dogs and their “pets” (humans) told from Pongo’s point of view is just so simple but so wonderfully creative. The strokes of the pencil or the watercolor are right there on the screen to be seen and I love it! The outfits and the decoration of the houses are very elegant too. And the soundtrack is gorgeous (Spotify playlist here). I wish Disney still made movies like this where you could see the actual strokes and lines from the artist. Here’s a few snapshots from that part of the movie.. they’re just genius!

Lastly, I’d like to share with you some of my most favourite childhood memories. I say childhood, but actually it’s on-going. I have quite a collection of Pooh memorabilia, both original style and the Dinsey re-invention and I can’t get enough. My dad used to read the stories to me when I was little and we share a great love for A.A.Milne and E.H.Shepard both. I love the hand drawn style and these classic drawings just make me melt inside..

Pooh & friends have been the delight of children and adults alike for decades and unlike some other adaptations, I didn’t hate the Disney version “The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh” (1977). In fact I love it, mostly because it made more people aware of the stories and if you were a curious person like me, you went and found out where they came from. When I did find out, I  fell in love with the idea of Christopher Robin and his bear named Pooh!

My favourite has to be this illustrative map featuring at the beginning of the books. It’s heavily integrated into the opening credits of the Disney adaptation. I love it.

Preparatory sketch-map for endpapers of Winnie the Pooh.

“This is a preparatory drawing for the sketch-map reproduced on the endpapers of Winnie-the-Pooh and therefore one of the most celebrated locations in children’s literature. Although the geography was not revised, several captions were evidently changed. ‘Eeyores Gloomy Place’ was originally ‘Eeyores Pasture Land’ and the ‘Floody Place’ was originally captioned ‘Floods Might Happen Here’. Shepard also poses the question ‘What sort of House is Kangas?’ at the top of the map. The caption at the foot originally appeared as ‘Drawn by Me helped by Mr Shepard’ and shows a process of revision to ‘Drawn by Me and Mr Shepard helped’. It was printed as ‘Drawn by Me and Mr Shepard helpd’.” [Lot]

T-T-That’s all folks…

See you next time 🙂



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