New Drawings made into Card Shapes..

Hello everyone!

I’ve been a busy bee this week creating some new card designs for my Etsy store. Sales have been picking up the last few weeks and so it’s spurred me on to create some fresh new designs to hopefully brighten up someones day. And there’s also the obvious fact that I love to draw, so really it’s not work! haha! Anyway, here’s some pics of the new new stuff, just click on the images if you feel the urge to visit the shop .. 😉

I hope you like them! Also, for you Cardiff dwellers, my cards are also available in a gorgeous little gift shop in The Royal Arcade in Cardiff City Centre. The shop’s called Saswa and they have a wonderful selection there of cards as well as gorgeous handmade jewellery and gifts. Go and take a look! They’re also now stocking my Junior Avengers range!

Okidokey, I have to get back to my doodles now but I’ll be back soon announcing the winners of my recent 1000 follower giveaway! Keep a look out!

Toodles x


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