Giveaway Winners Announced!

Hi Everyone!

A few weeks ago I launched a 1000 follower giveaway and yesterday I finally reached the target. Thank you to everyone who entered and before I tell you the winners here’s a reminder of the prizes:

1st Prize: 7″x9″framed print of a Junior Avenger of your choice and a set 0f 6 Junior Avengers handmade greetings cards.

2nd Prize: Set of 6 Junior Avengers Greetings Cards.

3rd Prize: 1 Junior Avenger Greetings Card of your choice.

Photos of prizes below!

All names went into a hat and we’re pulled out at random! Good Luck! And so the winners are…

1st Prize…. Jessica Markenson!! Woohoo! You get a framed Thor and Loki print and the collection of 6 cards! Yay! Send me a message either on twitter or facebook with a postage address and they’ll be on their way very soon!

2nd Prize……Gurprit Sahota! Woohoo! You win the set of 6 Avengers cards! Send me your postage address and it’ll be on it’s way soon!

3rd Prize… Lisa Lee Lee Beever! You win 1 card of your choice from The Avengers card collection!

Congratulations everyone who won and thank you everyone else for taking part! Look out for more giveaways and competitions and try again next time! Thank you so much for playing!!

Get in touch to claim your winnings!

Much love! 🙂


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