Roses & Rings

Hello lovely people…

Today I’m sharing with you my most recent wedding invitation project that’s all done now but was quite a project! Its was great fun to do though but blimey my fingers were all cramped up after. I even subjected my poor boyfriend to a few hours of sticking individual teeny weeny gems on to each invitiation…all 200 of them! haha! Anyway, phew..all done now and I’m really please with the results as is the Bride I’d like to add. It was a lovely project with a wonderful colour scheme which allowed perfectly for some delicate design. Here’s the sketch beginning to take shape…

I really like working with letters but combining them with pattern so that it’s all as one or the pattern is inside the letters. I decided that fine lettering would be more suitable so I worked it into a delicate floral design. Obviously I made a perfect heart shape first with pencil and then filled it in. It got a bit tricky with the spaces getting smaller but I think it worked out well. Sometimes you eye can deceive you and your drawings get smaller and smaller with the space and then it looks weird! Haha. I tried to keep the overlapping to a minimum too but I found that overlapping a little helped draw out the names in the centre a little more. Also at this point, I’d completely forgotten about an ampersand! Eeek! But I managed to work that in digitally afterwards.

We decided on some lovely ivory card and I worked in some subtle pinks and browns finished off with some gorgeous little pink gem stones. Here’s some pics of the finished version… I’m hoping to start a range of invitations to sell on my Etsy store 🙂


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